Our Mission 

We leverage technology to build a safety net for unbanked around the world.

Our Purpose

• We promote the financial well-being of our members — the unbanked and their families. 

• As a for-prosperity social venture, members get to share in the profits, furthering the overall financial well-being of our members.

Our Values

• Planet, People & Prosperity. Together.
– Prosperity is for all denizens of the planet.
– We believe in NextGen regenerative economy based on the Donut & Circular economy principles
• Inclusivity & Equality
– Everyone is included independent of sexual orientation and gender.
• Transparency
– Only but the truth!
– Transparency builds trust.
• Technology for Social and Community Good.
• Balanced
– There is push and pull in life and everything is interconnected.
• Pragmatic
– We are idealists grounded in today’s reality.

Our Vision 

• Everyone has financial safety net.

Our Strengths

• Resilence & regeneration centric
• Cultural Competence
• Good Technologists
• Social-eco Warriors